Upgrade And Rebranding To RocketFi

RocketFi Team
2 min readApr 1, 2022


When we first launched EarnPay in December, we had a vision of creating not only a decentralized token, but a full ecosystem of user friendly web3 tools that would help bring in new crypto users with utility, UI, and a unique reward system.

After we initially launched, we quickly noticed that there was a way to improve on the original contract, but we also noticed that the name “EarnPay” seemed to give new people the idea that we only had a DeFi token to offer instead of DeFi tools.

So on March 25, we upgraded our contract (new address), we airdropped RocketFi tokens to previous EarnPay holders, we added multiple new features like SMART Rewards and RocketFuel Rewards to our dApp, and launched our official rebrand to RocketFi.

Our tokenomics will be 7% Buy, 14% Sell.

SMART Reflections: This new reward system allows you to split up your reflections (rewards) into multiple tokens. This is a variation of how staking works. The benefit diversifying rewards without having to lock up your tokens!

RocketFuel: This is our new point system which has a separate reflections pool that rewards those who have burned more tokens than they have sold. This can also be seen as loyalty rewards since you get rewarded in RocketFi tokens.

We’re excited to bring a new wave of user friendly tools like our new dApp that is already launched and our new crypto wallet that will be available in iOS beta later this summer.

Updated Website: www.Rocketfi.money

RocketFi Contract Address: 0x6e61579c22F9a6dA63a33e819f29B6697d2a126E

Let’s make web3 more user friendly for everyone!

-RocketFi Team



RocketFi Team

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