RocketFi x VarieGate (Merger Announcement)

RocketFi Team
1 min readNov 7, 2022


The RocketFi core team continues to develop behind-the-scenes building user-friendly web3 tools. Part of this development includes the migration of the Variegate Token and its liquidity into the RocketFi ecosytem.

RocketFi and Variegate Merger

Note For Variegate Holders:

Tokens will be airdropped at a direct 1:1 BUSD value, so no need to do anything.

Promotion of “premier partners” and weekly AMAs will continue, but the Variegate Rewards via the Variegate token will be paused.

The “Community-Determined” protocol will be available after the launch of FloatieSwap and after the new RocketFi contract has been integrated into the RocketFi ecosystem. The protocol will utilize the RocketFi native token. This means everything you love about the original Variegate token will still exist.

A BIG Thank You As We Expand!

Thank you for your patience and for being great community members during this transitionary period. This was a necessary merger to be able to handle the expanded scope of the RocketFi ecosystem with the upcoming launch of FloatieSwap and Crypto Wallet.

Exciting times ahead as the RocketFi continues to develop to become a premier token on the Binance Smart Chain…and beyond.

Stay tuned for the launch of FloatieSwap in Q4!

-RocketFi x Variegate Team



RocketFi Team

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